• Telco OEM R&D Services

    Wireless, embedded, real time
    Complete lifecycle
    Technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond
    Test Lab as a Service

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  • Wireless Operator Services

    Live Test Labs
    Technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond
    Global Presence in more than 40 locations

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  • Wireline Operator Services

    Complete lifecycle
    PSTN, NGN, IMS, xDSL Access, IP Core
    Competitive through structural efficiency

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  • Indicator Telco OEM R&D Services
  • Indicator Wireless Operator Services
  • Indicator Wireline Operator Services
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Nash Technologies – Your Network Services Partner

Through our subsidiaries in Germany and wholly owned offshore facility in Vietnam, Nash Technologies is a vendor-independent Wireless and Wireline Networks R&D division, providing expertise covering all phases of the communications product lifecycle.

With our wide-ranging expertise in telecommunication, we provide mission-critical software solutions, as well as testing services for comprehensive mobile and fixed line testing scenarios. Our testing facilities include an UMTS field & drive test network and a simulation of Germanys entire fixed voice network which ranks among the largest in the world. Complemented by our own testing products for network scenario and protocol testing, Nash Technologies delivers excellence in communication testing for all phases in the product life cycle.

Latest News

Network Services

Nash Technologies offers other companies and organizations the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in R&D Services, which covers all services around Network Life Cycle, Evolution Services, Consulting / Advisory, Development and Verification.

As well operational Services, which includes Network Operation Services, Deployment Services and Maintenance Services

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Nash Technologies – Our Lab

Small Cell Services & Solutions

Nash Technologies Small Cell's portfolio comprises products and services as well development and testing of customised solutions and services for chipset manufacturers, operators, supplier of operators and beyond.