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World Premiere: Experience Crowd Cells in Premium Car at the Mobile World Congress

BMW Group, Peiker and Nash Innovations announce the presentation of their jointly developed Crowd Cell in a live demo with a premium car at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Crowd Cells are an ambitious subject of research for next generation mobile communication systems aiming at providing an ubiquitous user experience at highest quality levels.

Billions of smart user devices connect to the mobile networks and consume an ever increasing amount of attractive multi-media services. End users expect seamless connectivity with maximum quality of service. Hence, mobile data traffic is assumed to roughly double each year. These are the challenges mobile network operators and equipment vendors are facing.

While a multitude of engineers are sorting out every tiny detail of possible solutions, let’s imagine what would happen, if the mobile network would simply follow it´s end consumers: all of a sudden, communication capability would always be with us in the location, where it is needed most. The network itself is to become a living and moving entity. It would be sensitive to the movements and needs of its users.

CrowdCell opens up tremendous opportunities. Without changing their current radio infrastructure, mobile operators can increase their 4G coverage thereby reaching many new customers and offering new high value services. So one day, not so far in the future, mobile subscribers could find themselves as being part of “The Crowd”, driving a CrowdCell to work or carrying one around in their pockets.

A Vehicular Small Cell offers seamless high quality connectivity inside driving cars without any manual intervention of the user. As a combined device, the Crowd Cell provides coverage and capacity inside and outside its vehicle.

“A Crowd Cell is a low-power movable mobile access node – typically implemented as a Small Cell”, says Udo Nadolski, CEO of Nash Innovations. “It provides coverage extension and capacity improvement on demand. As Vehicular Small Cell integrated in a premium car, it has been introduced jointly with BMW Group at the last Mobile World Congress in 2015.”

As soon as a sufficiently large number of cars and other vehicles are equipped with Crowd Cells, we have in total a Crowd RAN. This network automatically follows its users, hence providing high quality mobile access where it is actually needed most: even indoor car parks and large business buildings can then share the benefits of premium connectivity.

For details, please visit us at the Nash Technologies booth 6L41, Hall 6.