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Nash Technologies offers R&D services in the areas of software engineering, ATE engineering, professional services and solutions. We specialize in the implementation of projects and the competent placement of technical experts. As a strategic partner of Advantest we develop application test software for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

Our employees* identify themselves with their activities, the market requirements and with the company.

Our company policy thereby follows the following values and guidelines:

  • Co-operative dealings with our customers
  • Economic success and stability
  • Competence, innovation and creativity
  • Sustainable management of resources and environment
  • Adherence to legal principles
  • Respect for ethic principles
  • Acceptance of social responsibility
  • Correct appearance in public

* When speaking of "employees" we mean both male and female persons at all levels of the company hierarchy.

Preamble - CEO

In the business world, it is quite exceptional that it is not the marketing department, but the employees from various areas who take the initiative to develop a Code of Conduct or a corporate roadmap. This deserves our acknowledgement. It also reveals that our employees indentify themselves fully with their company and are prepared to commit themselves to standards of practice company targeted to our common success.

Especially in times of rapid change, and bearing in mind the fact that our companies are establishing themselves successfully in the market and still have to prove their competitiveness, our employees have recognized that common principles and conduct guidelines are a must for us, both internally and externally. Not simply passing on this awareness to the "top" and waiting for implementation, but being pro-active is what makes me very optimistic. This is the only way in which the work achieved can also be lived.

The Code of Conduct is not intended to cover all the laws, rules and regulations nor does it provide answers to all possible questions – it supplies the foundation. As in daily life, a healthy dose of common sense should be applied to making decisions as to what is right, or when the help of another party is needed in choosing the right course of action.

I would like to thank everyone involved and very much welcome the result of this effort as a platform for our company policy. I especially wish that the principles, rules and regulations drawn up here are accepted and supported, and that we all live up to them actively, every day and as quickly as possible. Not only will many things become simpler, we will also come together closely – and this will lead us to becoming even more successful!

- Georg Pielage


Co-operative Dealings with our Clients

Our aim is to enter good, successful partnerships with our clients. For us partnership is when both parties benefit from each other:

  • Our clients because the receive excellent technological service and innovative products
  • We, at Nash Technologies, when our good reputation as a partner is consolidated by national and international clients.

We are always at our clients´disposal. Short reaction times and prompt action are a given in our approach to our work. This ideally prepares us to address to ever shortening innovation cycles in the market.

Our target is to set up trustworthy and reliable partnerships throughout the world and to maintain these by offering the highest of quality coupled with ongoing optimization.

It is only in a fair competitive environment that market participants can work and succeed. Therefore our first commandment is integrity. We operate our business exclusively on the basis of free, unimpaired access to competition.

Our employees are committed to respecting and adhering to these rules and regulations at all times.

Economic Success and Stability

For us, economic success cannot be separated from the target of being profitable. Positive company oper-ating results are a prerequisite for our independence, 
flexibility and future.

To ensure stability and long-term company growth, we commit ourselves to reinvest the success of our economic activities in the company and in our employees and thus to consolidate our competitiveness.

When striving for economic success, we also consider the value of our activities for our business partners. We are convinced that a successful business relationship can only exist when economically positive results are ensured both for us and our business partners.

An indispensible success factor for the realisation of economic success and the assurance of stability are clear targets and strategies. These include their definition, implementation and control.

Each and every employee is called upon to show initiative and entrepreneurial thinking. This includes accepting the responsibility for individual actions taken.

Expertise, Innovation and Creativity

We offer our clients first-class engineering services for the technology sectors of Communication and Embedded Systems. To assure this high standard at all times, we offer our employees an environment that is open to innovations. One that allows them to apply their expert know-how and their creativity to find the very best solutions for our clients.

Personal responsibility and motivation of all employees is a main component of our success. We promote it by the targeted delegation of themes and tasks. In addition, we concede the greatest possible flexibility in arranging their work to ensure it harmonizes with their personal life.

We call upon our employees to discover their hidden potential and to continue developing their skills and know-how.

Sustainable Management of Resources and Environment

The protection of the environment and the sustainable management of resources are gaining increased importance. We face the responsibility of fulfilling existing environmental guidelines and doing our very best to do more than merely the necessary. The prerequisite is the ongoing control of our activities.

The responsible management of resources is not only beneficial to the protection of the environment, but also has a positive influence on our economic success and that of our partners.

Each employee is actively involved in this task.

Adherence to Legal Principles

In the context of a co-operation on a partnership basis, our business partners rely on our conscientiously meeting all applicable laws and guidelines. Our employees are aware that even the slightest infringements of the law cause significant damage to business partners and may considerably endanger our reputation.

We strictly reject bribery and corruption in business and avoid conflicts of interest.
We therefore demand that our employees show a maximum of integrity and professional conduct.

Respect for Ethic Principles

The respect for our ethic principles is especially important with regards to the practices within our company and with business partners.

Sense of responsibility

We face our challenging obligations and only enter contractual agreements if we are also able to fulfill them. We assume the responsibility for our actions at all times.


Our conduct at all levels is shaped by mutual regard and respect, within our company and towards our business partners, and characterized by understanding and two-way trust.


We treat our business partners and employees with respect and cordiality. Every opinion counts and nobody is ostracized. No matter of what gender, ethnic origin, sexual inclination, religion, possible handicap or position and job of said person. We demand equal opportunity and a working environment free of discrimination of any kind. We work proactively and support and keep each other informed.


We maintain a constructive, honest and open dialogue among ourselves and with our business partners.


We exercise the necessary care when handling confidential information. We protect personal and customer information from being accessed by third parties.


Acceptance of Social Responsibilities

We closely adhere to our social responsibilities towards our employees and the company.

We are fully aware that our employees´performance can only be optimized when the ratio between work and leisure time is in balance. Flexible working times, part- time employment and the promotion of sports and team activities are important components of this balance.

We also consider in-company training as acceptance of social responsibility. By offering a sound training platform, we make it possible for young people to start on their professional life, while making a valuable contribution towards the world at large.

We consider ourselves active members of society and are therefore committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Voluntary social engagements of the employees are welcomed on principle. We make our own contribution by sponsoring cultural or social events and facilities.

Correct Appearance in Public

We are fully aware of the importance of public awareness of our company and how it mirrors our business partners and our success. Our profile to the public is authentic and sincere.

Each employee feels responsible to demonstrate the values of the company whenever appearing before the public.

All company presentations and publications, advertising and the Web presence clearly reflect our values, products and services - both transparently and truthfully.

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