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About Nash Technologies

Nash Technologies specializes in software development in embedded environments and ATE engineering in the field of semiconductor testing. Our customers are leaders in the semiconductor, railway, automotive and telecommunications industries. We deliver complete projects, provide competent experts, develop customer-specific solutions and offer professional services. We are active throughout Europe, with a regional focus in Germany.

As a strategic partner of Advantest Europe in the areas of application engineering and product development, we contribute to the further development of innovative technologies and solutions for the semiconductor industry.

What Makes Us Unique

Transformation and Tradition

In October 2008, Nash Technologies was founded as a software services company out of a R&D department of Alcatel-Lucent - now Nokia. At the time, our focus was 100% on the telecommunications industry. Very quickly, reality taught us that a medium-sized company is something completely different from a department in a large global corporation. At the same time, our technologies and target markets were undergoing major changes.

From then on, transformation defined our everyday life. Building on our traditional passion for high-quality software engineering, we conquered our place in markets that were new to us: semiconductors, automotive, railways technology. In addition, we were able to maintain our presence in the telecommunications market.

The ever-growing possibilities of the Internet and digital devices are permeating and revolutionizing our daily lives. The need for software engineers who are passionate about innovation and the highest quality of digital solutions will therefore grow steadily.

Our greatest asset is our employees. They are at home in the digital world and recognize its almost unlimited possibilities. They participate in the development of our vision and our strategy. We encourage and support them to always give their best.

Our customers appreciate the quality of our services and solutions. Combined with our flexibility, they foster innovation and growth for our customers.

Please have a look to our website. Feel free to contact us. Our team is looking forward to meeting you.
We are sure to find innovative solutions for your company.

Or you can take the next step in your career with us.

Best regards, Your

Georg Pielage

„Leadership means elaborating success-critical tasks.“ – Prof. Dr. oec. habil. Fredmund Malik

Our Mission


Dedicated to Customers and Colleagues.

Our Vision

"We are a Leading European Provider of Semiconductor Test Services."

Our USP: Highly motivated and best skilled team for Software Engineering and Semiconductor Testing Services.

Our Experience


„Digital“ has no comparative. It’s absolute. It reflects the fact that our world is based on digits, on software. This is the reason why all aspects of our life are impacted by a progressing digitalization. We have been shaping this transformation since more than two decades.


The future of Digital Systems is Embedded. Everywhere. Trillions of embedded custom chips are going to be designed, released to production and finally programmed. We pioneered this long-term evolution in telecommunications, and have been transforming our best practices into other industries.


Engineering is the art of designing and producing a system for its pre-defined purpose. This art is as old as mankind. We are engineers by heart. We believe software should work. Anytime. Anywhere. Therefore, we spend much time and effort in the very first phases of software development.

Facts - Figures - Data

As of: January 2018
Year of Foundation: October 2008
Legal structure: GmbH (limited liability company)
Company Name: Nash Technologies Stuttgart GmbH
CEO: Georg Pielage
Managing Director: Matthias Lehnert
Employees 100

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